HOW TO TRIM: trim the ends

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Tutorial lesson on how to trim afro, afro-curly and curly hair

Maintaining healthy ends is one of the keys to ensuring healthy hair and a progressive increase in length.

Among the things to do is certainly keeping their condition under control and intervening to eliminate inhomogeneities which cause weakness, propensity for knots and poor absorption of treatments.

We are not talking about cutting or trimming, but about arranging and trimming only where necessary and only as much as necessary.

It is an operation that anyone can do independently and learning to perform it allows you to place it in its rightful place among the good practices of an effective routine.

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Daria Fallido
Lezione utilissima

Non avevo capito un sacco di cose sulla gestione delle punte e dei nodini che si formano alle estremità. Grazie ad Angy ora i capelli di mia figlia sono ancora più morbidi.