Hello everyone,

I'm Angela and for 10 years I have specialized in the care of curly and afro hair.
I am an entrepreneur, popularizer, hair coach for individuals, trainer of professionals and product development (and branding) consultant for companies.

To tell you clearly what I've been doing for almost ten years, I'll start by telling you what I am NOT:

I'm not a hairdresser . I am the CONSULTANT who explains how to take care of your hair and scalp independently when you are at home. With me you learn to recognize their needs and respond in the best possible way.

I'm not a hair stylist . I'm the TUTOR who teaches you how to manipulate and style your hair, creating different styles that protect your lengths and ends.

I am not a trichologist doctor and therefore I do not deal with dysfunctions and pathologies relating to the skin and hair. I am the EXPERT able to give you solutions in case of problems deriving from bad routine habits and/or incorrect or lack of use of products.

So what are they? Your Daily Hair Care Coach 👩🏿‍🏫

Taking into account the time you have to dedicate to your hair in your daily life, I set you a sustainable routine, I explain what you have to do, how you have to do it and what you have to use.

I stand next to you, I observe you, I ask you, I listen to you.

Online or in person.

You can find all the info on consultancy, lessons, workshops and my other services here .

My story

I am Founder & CEO of NaturAngi - Be natural, be free , a brand born in the wake of the blog of the same name that I opened in January 2014 to share the experience of caring for my hair.

In a short time this space became a reference for those who wanted to educate on the correct approach to managing hair whether afro or curly, so much so that it was awarded at the AFRICA ITALY EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2015 as the best information point in Italy on the return to natural and Afro and curly hair care ( BEST NAPPY INFO POINT IN ITALY ).

After having written and published ' Love is in the Hair ' in 2017, the first guide on natural hair care of its kind in Italy, at the end of 2019 I inaugurated the online store La QueeNA Shop specialized in the sale of products, accessories and tools dedicated to curly & afro hair care and I launch NaturAngi Headwear , my collection of curly hair friendly headwear models.

The 2020 CapRicci Beauty Roots line of natural cosmetics features pure raw materials selected for the care of hair and skin of all types.

In the summer of 2021 I will open the NaturAngi Academy in my hometown of Correggio (RE), a place of dissemination and training on the care of curly and afro hair that anyone should stop by before attending any salon, because the appearance of the hair and the performance of the styling depend on the his health and the only way to ensure it in the long term is to know the dynamics that favor and maintain it, knowing what to do and how to do it based on individual specific peculiarities.

The Academy is the space where you meet and learn about your hair and my job is to stand by your side with professionalism, competence, humility and without (pre)judgment.

As you have read, from the personal blog that it was, today NaturAngi is a complete entrepreneurial reality that opens up to the community and whose strength is the great synergy between education, provision of services and offer of products.

ph: will.i.am.mbiena

For the activity I carry out with NaturAngi, in February 2023 I was awarded as Leader of Change in ENTREPRENEURSHIP by the Jury of the first historic edition of the Black Carpet Awards .

"The award is dedicated to a* Leader who has made a significant contribution in generating new business models or operational projects, creating a positive change in Italian society."

An important recognition of the WORK that I carry out and with which I pursue my MISSION: to create empowerment, appreciation and representation of natural Afro hair, because behind every racialized body that makes its way into the world proud of its appearance, there is an entire community following.

I want to contribute to (re)enabling the image of the Afro-descendant woman as a precious ambassador of a type of Beauty that must be increasingly included and in which today's girls (but also those of yesterday and tomorrow) can see themselves.

I consider narration, in all the forms it can take, a very important tool for representing ways of being that are little taken into consideration by the dominant and majority conception, a fundamental means so that the new generations can feel like actors in a process of cultural revolution that also involves by the ability to describe themselves as bearers of aesthetic diversity and uniqueness.

I believe that each of us is responsible for the future improvement or worsening of what is today and for people like me wearing the afro with pride is a (revolutionary) way of doing their part.

A person who begins to no longer hide is a person who enters the world and if he enters the world he changes it.