If you don't go to the Academy, the Academy comes to you!

Your HAIR COACH comes to town with her workshop and makes you practice how to manipulate your hair to apply products correctly, how to detangle, how to finish the ends and how to perform twists and flat twists.

In the meantime you will learn or review the theoretical basis for adequate care and understand how to build or improve your routine .

But above all we will talk about why "hair is not just hair" and their fundamental past and current identity and cultural role.

Furthermore, at each stop you will find PRODUCTS and ACCESSORIES to purchase for your routine at home!

The next tour dates

Saturday 27/01 RIMINI

Sunday 28/01 TURIN

Sunday 18/02 MODENA

Saturday 24/02 IMOLA

Sunday 17/03 TURIN

Sunday 24/03 BOLOGNA

Saturday 30/03 VERONA

Sunday 19/05 FLORENCE - book

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Why an initiative on the road ?

Given the logistical difficulty of many people in reaching me on site and in the face of the growing demand for live meetings, I have decided to carry out my consultancy and teaching activity on the daily care of afro, afro-curly and curly hair outside the Academy, organizing days in the cities where I have the most demand.

What you need to know

It is not a home service and for each stage I will identify a location to receive people, exactly as I do in the Academy.

Reservation is mandatory and is possible up to 4 days before the date stage.

The payment is required anticipated within 48 hours of receiving the pro-forma (or link) and before carrying out the activity. In case did not arrive by the term indicated the position will be considered free and assignable.

In the event of the person's inability to show up, the workshop will not be recoverable.

If I cancel the stage after payment has already been received, the amount will be promptly refunded.


The participation fee for the workshop starts from €35 per person, the amount may vary based on the distance from the city.

For those who cannot or are not interested in participating in the workshop at the established time, there is the possibility of booking a routine consultation for €105 for an individual, €55 for a couple.

For more info and reservations send a Whatsapp or SMS to 391 766 7101!