“By not seeing yourself reflected in any mirror, you wonder if you are in the right place, if you really exist”.
-Black is King-


I belong to a generation that since childhood has not been able to see itself in the mainstream models proposed by the environment in which it was born and raised.
In many of us, the lack of representation and representation has caused the internalization of an absence of space, of belonging, of existence.
It's time to build our own mirror, to claim our place by giving voice to the story that our image tells.
Whether it is the shape of the eyes , the shape of the body , the concentration and distribution of melanin , the texture of the hair , each of our peculiarities has an enormous identity charge capable of dismantling the paradigm resulting from a partial and relative vision of the social group .
When I see a little girl or boy light up in front of a photo or a video and I hear them say "Look, it's like me!" I have confirmation that (re)taking control of one's own narrative and sharing it is not only useful, but culturally necessary to live in full awareness of embodying a possibility of being, even in the eyes of others.
A person who begins to see himself and no longer hide is a person who enters the world and if he enters the world he changes it. So I decided to become the mirror of myself, I looked at myself and seeing myself I started to tell myself starting from my afro and I started to be free.
I believe that each of us is responsible for the future improvement and worsening of today and for people like me wearing our hair with pride is a (revolutionary) way of doing our part.