For aspiring Hair Coaches of the NaturAngi Method
Individual or group paths that have the aim of transferring notions and procedural know-how in their most correct and complete form, in order to lead the aspiring consultant to acquire a high level of competence and professionalism.
The training is a concentration of theoretical bases regarding the characteristics, needs and behavior of hair and the keys to understanding necessary to interpret the type of hair you have in front of you from time to time in order to identify the best personal routine are provided.
The information transferred is preparatory to the training course for hairdressers* and hair stylists.
Once the course is completed and the final test is taken, the student will receive a certificate of participation and training and will be able to operate according to the guidelines of the NaturAngi Method .
For Companies
  • Exposition and in-depth analysis of the behavioral dynamics of Kinky and Coily hair to be taken into consideration when formulating products.
  • Identification of ingredients and active principles necessary to obtain the necessary actions and benefits based on the different and changing needs of the hair.
  • Development of branding and communication strategies for the specific target.
For hairdressers and hair stylists
Training on the behavioral dynamics of Afro and Curly hair in order to prepare it for the execution of the various techniques in the salon or studio.

Practical sessions of:

  • Handling;
  • Untangling;
  • Application of treatments;
  • Wash;
  • Skin massage.

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