Hydration of afro and curls, when and how?

The most important thing you learn, or should learn, about caring for afro and curly hair is that the first necessity, although not exclusive, is to keep the hydration level high.

I use the term maintain on purpose, because it is important not to simply contribute but also to ensure good retention.

What can cause a lack of hydration?

First of all, not infusing an adequate quantity, another cause could be the choice of incorrect balances, yet another is not sealing correctly to ensure good retention.

Other notable factors are the excessive and close use of heat and the application of products with aggressive agents.

Last but not least (indeed), put afro and curly hair in contact with fabrics and surfaces that create friction. This is why three years ago I dedicated myself to creating a line of Curly Hair Friendly accessories, i.e. made from special yarns. You can browse here .

All the circumstances indicated, both alone and combined, result in rapid dehydration which in turn causes (especially if combined with rubbing) frizz, knots, split ends, loss of elasticity, fragility, breakage.

The key moments for hydrating afro and curly hair

The most important one is undoubtedly washing.

In fact, during the wash time a quantity of water is retained which, if accompanied by the right moisturizing components and then well sealed during the finish, remains in the hair fiber even in the days to come.

Between one wash time and another, at least a hydration refresh cannot be missing, a practice that serves to replenish the hydration physiologically lost a few days after washing. The frequency with which to proceed and the components to be used depend above all on the porosity of the hair and on whether the afro and curls are tied in protective or loose styles.

Depending on the characteristics of the hair, it can be performed with different products, but the principle must always be to hydrate and then seal. Find more information at this link .

The health of your hair also depends on nutrition

Maybe you've never thought about it, but the amount of water you ingest, both liquid and through vegetables and fruit, makes the difference in maintaining good hydration levels in afro and curly hair.

So try to take into account the number of 200 ml glasses you drink (there should be at least 8) and include foods that have a different water content.

In summary:

  • To provide a good dose of hydration, wash your hair at least once a week, do at least one refresh and pay attention to what you eat.
  • To maintain hydration, seal correctly and choose Curly Hair Friendly fabrics .


Always remember that what we need to achieve in terms of performance is common to all types of afro and curly hair, but how it is achieved or which components/products should be used and in what way literally depends from head to head and must be assessed during routine counseling .

I would say I have given you the main information, see you in the next article!


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